Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (CoxDA) is a statutory body created by an Act of Parliament (The Jatiya Sangshad) in 2016. Its prime mission is to undertake full responsibility to develop Cox’s Bazar, a tourist city on the Bay of Bengal near the southeastern tip of Bangladesh. The city is a tourist attraction with a beach that stretches 120 kilometers along the Bay and is widely known as the longest unbroken, sandy beach in the world. Since the city has grown without any proper plan, CoxDA has been established as the regulatory body to oversee development of the city and the areas under its jurisdiction according to`a master plan that will ensure the city’s growth as one of the most attractive tourist spots in South Asia.

About the Website
This website offers information on the rational use of land in light of the Cox's Bazar District Master Plan, which the Ministry of Housing & Public Works published in 2013. The Land Use map (Mauza Sheet-wise) according to the Master Plan will be available for the user to view and download. The map provides information on Land Use Zoning, Development Restricted Areas, and Building Height Restrictions. The website makes it easier for Citizens for getting information on the rational use of land (11th Service of Citizen Charter of Cox’s Bazar Development Authority).