Why a Master Plan is necessary?
Cox’s Bazar region is globally known as one of the most attractive and unparallel sea beach resorts of Bangladesh. Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, diversified economic, social and cultural activities with enriched landscapes of beautiful mosques, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples - all this makes the region attractive for both the local people as well as for the foreigners. There is an ample scope for expansion of beach tourism, cultural tourism, recreational tourism; city based economic tourism, eco-tourism in the region. This is perhaps high time, if not late, to utilize the opportunities available for the development of the region through the planned development and expansion of related services and facilities. The city and the region require guided development for making the region attractive for the benefits of all its inhabitants, workers, visitors and investors. Therefore, a Master Plan is necessary to develop Cox’s Bazar and its surrounding areas as a World Class Tourist Centre with adequate facilities, infrastructure and amenities of living and livelihood.

The Master Plan of Cox’s Bazar:
The Master Plan includes key development strategies, plan proposals, action plans and implementation strategies in order to fulfill the requirements for sustainable development. The Plan has been prepared on the basis systematic studies, surveys and stakeholder’s opinions generated during the study and plan preparation period. The Master Plan contains three parts:
1) Structure Plan: The Structure Plan of the study region has covered the following issues:
    a. An inventory of existing physical, demographic, economic, social and infrastructure features.
    b. An analysis of the major existing problems.
    c. An estimation of trends and changes likely in future (for the next 20 years).
    d. The identification of the major constraints on and opportunities for development.
    e. Consideration of the major development options and policies.
    f. An indication of the most suitable areas for such development.
    g. The identification of the priorities in each sector.
2) Sectoral Policies: The Sectoral policies of the Master Plan has covered the following issues:
    a. Housing and Residential Development
    b. Development of Transportation & Communication
    c. Tourism Development
    d. Environmental Management
    e. Drainage Network Development
    f. Solid Waste Management
    g. Social Services (Health, Education And Law And Order Situation)
    h. Utility Services
    i. Open Space & Recreation (Forest and Vegetation, Beach Area¸ Eco-Park¸ Exclusive Tourist Zone, Public Park, Play Ground/Stadium etc.)
3) Action Area Plans: The Action Area Plans of the Master Plan has covered the following issues:
    a. Development of Central Business District (CBD)
    b. Development of a sport Complex in the central area with a new international cricket stadium at Cox’s Bazar and Surrounding Area
    c. Development of a City Park in the City Centre near Beach at Cox’s Bazar and Surrounding Area